kill bill collage

I’m so stoked that I’m making an entrance to a Quantin Tarantino film. It’s gonna be a bloodbath inevitably!

The whole story of Beatrix Kiddo a.k.a. Black Mamba started with her wiggling her big toe. Then she both ruled the ones on her list and our hearts. Before that, she had got shot in the head while she is still pregnant. Not to mention lots of blood… And I guess, in respect to that magnificent fight scene, I love the first movie rather than the second.

I was in mid-school when Kill Bill has released. We all had psyched out as the girls of the class. I was a little scared but I was watching it with a great appreciation anyways. Then we all became little assassins at the school. That’s why I was super-emotional and nostalgic when I was doing these looks for this one. It wasn’t easy though since Beatrix has two styles: the one that I analyzed and the warrior one.

Let’s get to that part. My favorite!

Look 1

beatrix look copy

How do you create a look for a killer? Has she a dressing style as she has a killing style? Apparently Black Mamba has.

Vintage Mickey t-shirt might be a little too cute for first impression but alongside of being a killer, our character is a mother as well. She has a girl. I might be reflected her soft spot with this t-shirt. You can find it anywhere as “vintage graphic t-shirt”. If you can’t, make sure that the white t-shirt you choose is a wide cut. And a long one… We’re gonna tuck it in yet.

One of the two styles that I caught from the movie is more western and cowgirl-ish. As you see above. And I would never imagine that I’ll use bell-bottomed but here we are! Your height and your thickness of the leg are really irrelevant. Because your inner beauty is what really mattejghjghgjhdf.

Even if you have thicker legs, since jellied trotter getting wider through the end, it hides the extra pounds. J Brand and Citizens of Humanity are the brands that I can suggest. If you have a hard time with finding these brands you can check Mavi or Diesel

To not to ruin it’s masculine look, I added a suede jacket, the “suedest” of all. It’s a Saint Laurent but you can find exaaaactly the same at Zara as well gals!

So you can’t imagine cowgirl style without a hat, a fringed vest or boots. Since first two aren’t her style I chose the last the one. I can say that I particularly liked the color salmon version of these boots, whose black ones were really, really trendy on the years past. If you aren’t a fan of color black, I strongly recommend it. You can check Steve Madden.

Since I pay so much attention to jacket-belt harmony I used them both in earth colors. Make sure that you pick up the wider ones in order to, both to make your waist look thinner and to make your canvas look busier.

I said “why not Herschel?” to our killer who is quite a backpack woman (you’re not alone Kiddo!). I added the burgundy, which goes best with the earth colors, to our team.

Don’t even think that I suggest the sword! I’m not intended to turn anyone into a killer. But Hattori Hanzo would be upset if I wouldn’t show it.

Look 2

beatrix look2

YELLOW TIGER!!! Remember I told that we all had psyched out at the class when we were in mid-school? There was this one particular girl friend of mine. She was constantly talking about the movie and one day she found those yellow shoes called “Yellow Tiger” that nobody could never ever find those days. We were quite surprised o_O They call them Asics now, I guess. Nailing the warrior look is easier than the other one.

As you see: a basic strap top (a slim fit one), a black leather jacket, a bell-bottomed jean, Tiger, and of course a Hattori Hanzo again…

My only little note: If you have a sweet little belly over there, since this combine reveals your belly you should consider either a high waist jean or don’t wear it AT ALL! I’m kidding. High waist jean will do it. You have that wide belt already, no need to worry.

Nancy Sinatra you made our day and we made this day yours thanks to the movie. Kiss kiss, bang bang…


IG: @burcuerim


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