alice collage

The ones who dreams during the day, counts stars during the night, the ones whose head stylists are their unique hearts, the ones who ends up taking their next breathe on the most colorful tropical islands of their souls at the first moment they can and the ones who become whoever they want everyday;

Welcome to my world of dreams and realities!

On my every issue we’ll be opening out the doors of a new movie’s world full of colors and styles. The one who invites us first is: “Alice in Wonderland”. Although I couldn’t do an interview with her at length, I found my answers while I’m watching the movies again. That’s why you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the article. (Popcorn sponsor goes here)

We all have some fictional characters in our lives that we feel close or we feel like they’re telling our story or the ones that we put at the center of our lives by going maybe a little bit further. Don’t lie to me.

By believing that they’re not supposed to live only in movies, regardless of the what era they live in, I pulled them out with my hands and my mind and dragged them out to real life. Here we come 2017.

Since most likely you might be asking, “What’s going on here” now, I want to leave my little explanation over here really quick: Here is a world that movie characters’ styles come to life. What would they wear if they would live among us? Or what would YOU wear if they affect you so bad (without looking like you’re just got out of a costume shop). I asked to myself, answered myself and I had soooo much fun!


So where were we? Alice… Alice… Alice…

Brave, boundless and mad daydreamer Alice. Although historical period costumes dominate the movies’ style, there’s one thing that certainly comes to mind when someone says Alice: COLOR! When we compare two movies, since the first one belongs to Tim Burton, on that one we see a darker yet colorful dream world. On the second one colors are like bursting out on our faces and everything is neat. Maybe because I’m a Tim Burton fan (who isn’t right?) I always liked the first movie better. But like I said: Color is what matters.

I also want to attach a deep note right here: After reading this, you might ask; “These are nice but where can I find them?” My purpose is telling stories to you, pulling you apart from the world and dropping you off back. Of course I will mention labels and brands but my main purpose is creating a basic style idea in your mind. After that, I count on your researcher spirits.

Alice Look

alice set1

Yeah, I know there will be some of you who see it a little higgledy-piggledy but I suggest you to look at it with getting rid of your prejudices. We might miss not just the moments by the time goes by but the colors as well. Think about it.

As well as I consider Alice as a Gucci-girl, I can’t say that she hasn’t a romantic vibe. That’s why pay attention to ruffles. (Marc Jacobs is going on that way really sweet as well ^_^) I don’t want to make the girl wear skinnies. Oh Tramp!

Since she’s the girl of the long skirts, I suggest it to our long girls. And of course I had the chance to think about the shorties like myself: We’re safe since we keep the top part wide;) High heels are a must under the long skirt, I’m tellin’ ya! Avoid the flat shoes; they will make you look quite stuffy. After we shape our body with the belt and make our waist look thin, we’re done!

You can check the H&M’s new collection for instance. They are well done considering both colors and ruffles.

Mad Hatter Look

mad hatter look

No, no, no! I haven’t forgot men this time. (Yeah this time:( )

If I wouldn’t bring such a brilliant character like Mad Hatter to our world, Red Queen could have been off with my head!

If we’re done with the crazy-talking part, I can say it was hard to adapt the most vintage and patterned person of the movie to our day. But here it is!

I see fit earth colors to Mad Hatter, who never compromises his stylishness but never walk around like a pimp. The colors that have never been missed out on the movie were tan, green and burgundy. He got a bohemian vibe with the rings as well. Not just the slim men but also the overweight ones might create a great look if they choose the pieces with small patterns and dark colors.

I can easily say that Topman is a perfect cut for this set. I can’t skip giving a credit to Massimo Dutti and H&M as well. And socks are from Happy Socks! (They would endorse him actually!)

Now is the time for drinking the purple blood of the Jabberwocky that I killed inside and turn back to the “real” world.

Nice to meet you! Don’t forget to remember 6 impossible things before the breakfast.


IG: @burcuerim


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