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If I’m not still late, I want to be a cabaret dancer when I grow up. A humble stage with a red curtain, round, wooden tables that is too small even for a single customer, a cheap black chair, and the glitters fell out from costumes on the floor… Cigarette smoke is so intense that sometimes your eyes hurt but you don’t care. You have your scotch in front of you or maybe champagne you never know. And action! Chubby dancers with their “foxiest” stockings and sequins and tassels coming out of every inch of them. You’re lucky if you’re not the husband or sugar daddy of one of them. They reach for their guns really quick, cause here is Chicago!

Velma and Roxie. They are NEVER two halves of an apple. The only common things between them are, they both like dancing, they both love stage and they both serving time at the same prison. Believe me even their styles don’t look alike. You’ll see what I mean now.

Velma Look

Velma look

Everytime I watch the movie I see Velma as black, red and white. You can guess that white falls behind a little bit. Since ruffles already overflowed this season, I couldn’t skip my dearest movie. Yet this is one of the films with the most ruffles, fishnets, laces and glitters. And I have never been used all of them together during my entire styling career. Viva La Novelty!

What I was saying? Velma! So to speak: “Bitch Velma”. In a good way, don’t get me wrong. She has a tougher personality than Roxie. She doesn’t like any different colors. Maybe purple. But that’s it! Fashion has been changed a lot since 20’s, so it was a hard one. But here it is!

You can go out with bra now, yes. And I find it very liberating. Anyone but Velma! H&M is great about it. And Oysho as well, of course. Ok I won’t skip Victoria’s Secret either.

In this look, even though we see her in a skirt or a dress all the time in the movie, I wanted to clothe her pants. If you would choose a pant like this, be sure that you don’t have wide hips cause it unfortunately makes you look like you have an extra hip. If you have a really nice ass I can suggest you a black narrow skirt to expose it. Maybe some ruffles on the edges.

I couldn’t leave this reckless character without a fur. She can suddenly wrap herself up in an attitude like she will buy our whole family. Ones with big boobs, make sure you don’t button up your jacket. Little tricks of layered clothing. I feel like I recently saw a fur just like this one on H&M. I say check out Mango as well.

Heels weren’t like that at those times of course! I was being nostalgic but when the day goes by, height of the heels might get longer towards to the night. But never wear platforms! It might kitschify a classy look real quick; it’s a thin line. Take a look at Nine West for the shoes.

See you at Hotel Cicero Velma Kelly.

Roxie Look

roxie look

She did it! We all know her. Sassy, occasionally stupid but brave Roxie! Hers is a success story folks but I’m here to tell her style rather than that. I would go and dance otherwise!

As I presume you understand, Roxie is a person who has more alternative colors than Velma. Don’t go too far of course, let’s say powder pink.

If you want to catch this era’s style on your street look you should consider wearing a corset. Let’s skip suspenders but corset is important.

Honestly I find this look fit for every body type. Even though you think you’re too curvy don’t be afraid to expose your body shape. Believe me that confidence makes you look beautiful more than anything else. Besides, I have a nice kimono offer for you.

I kept shoe-bag-corset trio harmonized here but you can use some black on bag or shoes. I’m leaving some open doors. But Roxie wouldn’t. She has a great taste on powder pink. And yeah, something I say I would never do: Pink and red together! Oh you trends! You are so fun!

If you have a rounded face, cat style glasses are just for you! I know from myself heh heh!


And all that jazz…


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