leon collage

Leon is one of the movies that I write alternative endings in my own way. It’s nice to live that sweet blues but what if Leon wouldn’t have died and had a hardcore but romantic life in Little Italy with Mathilda. Ok one more confession: I’ve always wanted to believe that Mathilda is 18.

That’s enough with the confessions. So, I couldn’t make my endings real but I can imagine them on Instagram and I summoned their styles today with a little touch. I can even see the hashtags. Oh yeah!

Let’s get to the styles of our kids with their breath smells like milk. This time I’ll give priority to the gentlemen, to our naïve, shy, successful hitman.

Leon Look

A hitman that never compromises his style… But maybe I might have been debauched him color-wise a little. After hanging out with Mathilda for all these years, I assumed that she might be infected him with her colors.

I choose wide leg cropped jersey pants for him (Topman). A piece, which both long and short men can wear with great comfort. If you don’t like wide leg cropped jersey pants you still can choose a cropped one but make sure it’s a fit chinos.

Of course he uses his long and wide coat for hiding his guns but I’m sure you can find some other stuff to hide. Men stuff… (Zara)

Actually despite the fact that it looks like I pieced it together to make him look like a quite hipster, he is our cool Italian man. You supposed to see him that way.

Even though I prefer outworn boots (Diesel) for reckless attitude, I put socks in place to break the seriousness.

After I put a beanie on his head, since he is afraid of getting cold, he can continue his “cleaning” work in good health.

mathilda look 2

Let’s leave one more tiny confession here: I had prepared only one look for Mathilda but more I inspected her more I realized that we see her in the movie with more than one style. Even though she keeps her reckless “grungy” attitude on both, this one is more “girly”.

I can imagine Mathilda ordering stuff from asos.com while she cleans up his gun hehehe!

That’s a great style for our both tomboy and sand-watch-bodied girls.

I couldn’t match Mathilda with floral skirt until I watch the movie for the second time and digest it. She is a girl in love; of course she’ll bloom!

To emphasize the waist fineness and to keep legs loooong, you can prefer a crop top on a high-waist mini skirt. But if you have doubts like “That would expose my butt so bad”, this is why our romantic lace cardigan is here for.

In sake of not ruining that 90’s style at all, here is our inseparable couple: denim jacket and black choker. Nowadays Levi’s is my favorite about jackets.

Since we keep our skirt fairly short we can wear any boots we want without being afraid of looking like a dwarf.

Since I don’t want her to get cold while she is helping Leon on his cleaning job, I put another beanie to her backpack as well.

And the final touch: Her glasses. (You can find something similar on Ray-Ban)

mathilda look

I would never imagine to use a cardigan like this anywhere but thanks to Mathilda she wore all those grandma cardigans and inspired me. That’s the way it goes.

It turns out that Levi’s has become my sweet favorite not only on jackets but also on all the denim products.

We keep our short “fairly short” as we did on the skirt. It tells you where to stop. You’ll know.

I really found the exact bomber jacket. It’s not hard now though; not at all. Almost every brand produces them like crazy. Mine is Hollister.

 To emphasize the waist fineness again, even if you dress in 3 layers like I did here, if you keep them all at the same length you can avoid that sack-like look. That would prevent you to look like fabrics coming out of every inch of you.

I believe that Mathilda is definitely a Dr. Martens girl!!! If she would live today they would definitely endorse her. Even they could use her like their face.

Since we didn’t put any pattern design anywhere, if you usually tend to avoid wear stuff with pattern design, you can give yourself a little break on socks. Did I say 90’s?


Got milk?



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