Royal collage

When I discovered Wes Anderson’s world for the first time I was like a kid with a bag of candies. His colors, his characters and his OCD about symmetry take me places.

My last obsession is his H&M commercial. I said “Aha! Here we go again to distant lands!” And it made warm to the brand more. In addition to that they changed the color and the texture of the collection and their instagram order. Long live Wes!

Since this is the case, I choose one of the films that stand right at the center of the fashion world, “The Royal Tenebaums”.

After I watched the movie I noticed that I’m trying to communicate with people without using any facial expressions like I always do after his movies. It lasts 5 minutes though heheh.

Let’s skip to our two crazy lovers. Poor kid went to hell and back for his love. Thereupon Margot lighted up a cigarette.

Margot Look

Margot look

One of her sponsors is Lacoste and also we see a Balmain on her hand specifically. Now leave the rest to me.

I believe that Margot, who is the stepdaughter of an athletic-ish family, would wear at least one Lacoste piece. I used my right on the t-shirt.

Since her wardrobe consists of striped dresses I thought that she wouldn’t be able to move on without adding stripes to her life and I see fit to this knitted fabric skirt. I would recommend a skirt with more frequent and thinner stripes to the ladies, who don’t have striking hipbones or who are not happy with their hip curves. Little magic tricks 😉

I don’t even think I have to mention but it’s important to use the colors we called “Wes Anderson colors”. (Creative name right?) Which are, like, pastel ones and shades of mustard.

You can find the fur on vintage stores or thrift shops. Take a look at the second hands.

I love the looks that look simple on the appearance but have unique styles.

We can’t underestimate the contributions of Fendi on shoes and Givenchy on the bag over there of course. But the thing is, a big, wide, solid bag (you can use other soft colors) and black (maybe a with an addition of these kind of colors) moccasins.

And our last touch is this red hairclip.

Uhh! Those were the days! How many hairclips did we wear off?

Richie Look

Richie Look

Say hi to our other sponsor FILA. It’s not an easy pie to be an athlete in Wes Anderson’s world.

Even though he quit tennis out of his love for Margot but I made him come back to the courts.

Richie’s colors are quite the H&M colors. But you also check Massimo Dutti for coat and the pants. I kept the pants little bit shorter and slightly wide cut instead of as they were in the movie. Men with thin ankles might prefer that.

My favorite trend for a while is adding sportive pieces to serious looks. See: Tennis t-shirt. You can choose another brand but I can advise you to keep the colors cause you can miss the concept.

My favorite designer who creates men collections is Umit Benan and shoes are from that collection. You can also check Puma. It’s one of my favorites nowadays.

A wide sport bag that he can put all of his stuff in, (I don’t know but he always looks like a guy with a lot of stuff to me) suits best for a guy like this. And it’s burgundy, a color that is not too dark or not too light, to keep the colors balanced.

Ok, I admit that headband might be absurd occasionally. But maybe just bracelets? I guarantee you that you’ll love what you see on the mirror.


And finally I’m glad to be able to announce that Tenenbaums decided to adopt me! Yesssss!


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