edward collage

Here I am with my second Tim Burton movie. This one is a really sad movie about a really sad character: Edward Scissorhands. That kid had through a lot! I mean he got his heart broken, he has been fooled and all… Now it’s my job to make him happy!

I love the contrasts in every aspect of life. Like the movie: A gothic chateau right next to a pastel suburban town but with a naïve Eddie in it L Dude I’m really sad! But I’m really glad that he killed that annoying blonde boy and lived a happy life with his own chateau and his beautiful garden. And meanwhile he makes those cute little snowflakes… Aww, quite a romantic!

So, enough with the admire part. Let’s get to the fun part.

Edward Look

edward look

Let’s take a look at our shy and gothic character:

When it comes to Tim Burton, stripes are a must. Since both I don’t really like the guys who wears choker on daily life and it’s not really trendy right now (but who cares the trends right?), I decided to compensate it with turtlenecks. BUT if you have a thicker neck you can prefer a striped crew neck.

Even though I chose a Creg Green design, you can easily make the same shirt on your own as well. All you need is a short sleeve white shirt and a soft fabric white belt aand Voila!

One of the fine lines of the fashion industry is leather jacket. For instance; would someone like Edward wear a biker jacket? I mean he could but he couldn’t carry it. That’s why always wear what you believe. And if some says it doesn’t suit you, you say “PEHH!!” The point is: There are courteous leather jackets. You can find one on the attachment. Just be careful about not choosing an over-collared or an over-chained one.

I imagine like Edward expresses his naivety by his socks. You know the feeling about something that nobody sees but you know it’s there? Something like that…

Even though I chose a skinny jean you don’t necessarily supposed to have skinny legs dear boys. Just be careful about not choosing a pant with too narrow trouser legs. And you can add some DIY stuff to your pants as well. Of course you can use some help from someone who knows how to sew but once you choose the fabric that you will stich to your pants, rest is easy.

Let’s get to the accessories that would replace the scissors…

I feel like he would prune his scissors and get a hand so far. I mean it’s 2017 and he deserves a hand. And then he can nicely put these rings on his fingers that I choose for him. And you can choose more. Glasses are a steampunk miracle! I love them! In fact let me tell you its brand: Blue Fire Store! Woooow! You can check Diesel and Levi’s for those as well.

Now go hug the ones you love! You won’t regret


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